The mobile, which is no longer a mobile

I have a deliberate habbit to change my mobile phone every 6 months. Not going into the very details of how many phones I have changed, I will directly arrive at the fact that has been pestering me for a long time. My current phone has surpassed his expired date and has been behaving hysterically ever since.

Yes, the LenovoA6000+ of which I was a proud owner ,has been diagnosed with some neurological disorder that has taken my blood pressure and patience level to an altogether new level. The phone has lost its touch charm and this has made life hell for me as well as for others whom I constantly wish to be in touch with.

When my phone gets into convulsions, I spend half of my life carefully typing the message. Proud of the fact that I have successfully completed a level I proceed onto sending the message. As soon as I attempt to send it, at this very moment the entire text which I had so earnestly typed magically changes into a high level machine language code that has to be interpreted and deciphered by the receiver. All the emojis suddenly pop up, making the receiver suspicious of this highly encrypted code.

So my conversations go like this,

Person-Hey, is this *i dont know what to write as whatever I had studied I vommited on the paper and now I feel better* there in the portion?


Person(Still senses intact)-Sorry, what??

Me-Again some random outburst of emotions.

Person-Voice note use karna

Me=dgscvs(emojis)(emojis)(and some more of them)

and this continues for two more minutes…..

Person(ready to kill me if I was standing in front of him)-Thanks for pissing me off.Bye

Me(desperately typing one more message in understandable language)-(emojis)(a string widely composed of ww)

and then I am blue ticked….


The best part of this entire fiasco is when I want to read the group chats. Yes,it will according to its mood call random people of the group giving them a good chance to think that I was busy stalking them. And then when I wish to draft a sorry message on behalf of this phone, I have to wait for an hour or so because the keypad just wouldn’t want to type the message which I have to send.Certain parts of the screen are permanently damaged and would not produce any result even if you bang your head against it. I can’t play games on it and most of time I keep rotating the device so that I can access a particular option.

It’s difficult to manage with a phone like this. Just the way I have given up on life,my father has given up on me and he has bluntly refused to gift me a new phone.Sad times! But that does not deter me from emotionally blackmailing him and one day I am sure he will give in to my demands.

Till then kindly bear with my keypad and if you wish to ease of my troubles, you can gift me a new phone, I surely wont deny. Thank you :*